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EP52 - Bell VP of Digital Marketing and Sales - Corby Fine

Vice President, drummer, and fellow podcaster, Corby Fine sits down to chat with us about the twists and pivots that comprise his story.

A lifelong Toronto native, Corby attended Ryerson University where he studied Administration and Information management. After graduation, he jumped into the dot com start-up world as a project manager.

He would pivot into sales, focusing on pharmaceuticals with Pfizer. This was at the time when Viagra was arguably worth more than gold, and made Pfizer reps the target of burglars and thieves.

Corby’s digital media career started agency side, but his move to Rogers Communications is where he experienced significant career growth, holding multiple roles at the Sr Director and VP level.

He left Rogers after an opportunity to join CIBC—one of Canada’s largest banks, presented itself.

But the Telco world would once again come calling. Corby was recently appointed VP of Digital Marketing and Sales at Bell.

If you are interested in hearing more from Corby, then be sure to check out Fine Tune with Corby Fine—a self-produced podcast that offers innovative ideas, opinions, and examples that address a multitude of business challenges. Available at, or wherever you get podcasts.

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