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EP27 - CIBC Director of Digital Marketing & Operations - Yuli Shumsky

Yuli Shumsky, the Director of Digital Marketing & Operations for Canadian financial institution, CIBC, stops by to chat. Born in the Ukraine before the fall of communism, Yuli, emigrated to Canada as a teenager. He went on to study at York University in Toronto, and quickly caught the advertising bug through a summer marketing gig. He liked both the work and the paycheque, and decided to swap his life around going from full time student and part time employee, to part time student and full time employee. The rest of his story reads like an unofficial history of programmatic advertising, where we worked on early digital bidding platforms well before anyone had coined the terms real-time-bidding or programmatic. Yuli is also one of the founding members of Toronto AdOps, a not-for-profit organization aimed at bringing together advertising operations professionals from all corners of advertising industry.

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