Both personally and professionally—Saeed Zaman is probably one of the most globalized individuals you’ll ever meet.

Born in Pakistan, his family moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when he was just four. When it came time for University, Saeed applied to a number of schools in the United States, ultimately landing at Purdue University in Indiana.

His media career started immediately after graduation when he was recruited by Starcom’s Chicago office. From there he would continue to grow. Senior level opportunities presented themselves taking Saeed to places such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto, and Dubai.

Saeed Zaman sits down to chat with about his media career that spans multiple cities in three countries across two continents, his passion for music, and the caution he was forced to employ in a country where western music was discouraged.


Content Marketer, producer, entrepreneur, educator, and author—these are some of the many roles comprising the career of today’s guest, Mohit Rajhans.

But if the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen his work in front of the camera. Mohit’s eclectic career includes various reporting roles for the CBC, Breakfast Television, and OMNI Television—where he was Canada’s authority on Bollywood Cinema.

Mohit Rajhans sits down to chat about his life growing up in Mississauga, attending an arts high school where he focused on the drama arts, his experience as a movie extra, and working as both an on-air talent and marketer.

We’ll also get an interesting story about the time he was given an 11th hour opportunity to interview then Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.


Planning and transacting media used to be a straightforward process. You hired an agency, and benefitted from their collective buying power, vendor relationships, and knowledge. But in an age of data, disruption, and a slew of new platforms, many marketers are rethinking this time-old formula.

One option involves finding new & innovative ways of working closer with your agency partners. But in some cases, it might involve taking certain responsibilities in-house.

These are some of things that today’s guest, Gah-Yee Won, has been tasked with navigating.

Gah-Yee is the Director of Account Management, Agency Operations, & Marketing Channel Strategy at Scotiabank, one of Canada’s largest financial instructions.

A Toronto native, storytelling was a big passion of hers growing up, and was one that she fostered through drama and visual art in high school.

One of the OG’s of the Canadian digital media space, Gah-Yee jumped into agency life at time when traditional media was still king, and digital advertising was more of an afterthought. From trafficking ads, to starting one of the first transparent agency trading desks in Canada, to working with the mother of all global advertisers, Proctor & Gamble.

We sit down with Gah-Yee Won and chat about everything from being a French immersion student, growing up in a multi-generational home, and managing a portfolio of clients that ranged from the Toronto Zoo to Proctor & Gamble.

And for those looking to grow their careers? Gah-Yee also provides some sound and straight-forward advice on how to position yourself for a promotion.